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    50 years of legal counseling on Mallorca

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    for foreign nationals on Mallorca and non-residents

We provide expert legal service with more than
50 years of experience to prove it
Since 1966


r. Joaquín Pérez-Marsá Hernández founded our law firm in the 1960s. It immediately grew into a law firm with a multidisciplinary approach for Mallorca's residents. However, as the face of the island gradually changed, our law firm also adapted and began specializing in practice areas such
as foreign investment. Similarly, we started to offer legal services for all E.U. citizens and other foreign nationals. Thanks to 50 years of experience and our effective and honest business practices, we have built up an extensive client base with people from the business and private sector, helping transform
our firm into a touchstone of legal quality. One recent example of our experience is our direct collaboration with WF Frank & Partner LLP, a law firm in Germany specializing in cross-border probate and estate planning matters.WF Frank & Partner LPP.

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